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Kweykway - Building Stronger, More Connected First Nations Communities

Denise is a seasoned and dynamic professional with a passion for supporting people to fulfill their potential. Denise has worked in over 120 First Nations communities and organizations throughout Canada, including her own community The Squamish Nation. Although most well known for her pioneering work in the area of Lateral Violence, Denise’s focus is on facilitating personal and community empowerment, development and wellness. Denise specializes in contemplative education, consulting and coaching. She works closely with First Nations' Health, Child and Family Services, Education,  Leaders and is gifted at facilitating community processes.

Watch a Full Workshop called "Rooting Lateral Kindness In Community" conducted at UBC for UBC Learning Circle.

Denise has extensive experience working with....

  • Adults working with children…providing Coaching, Consulting, Presentations and Training Courses to parents, educators and childcare providers, and Neufeld Institute courses. 
  • Indigenous Groups and Organizations including First Nations Health, Child and Family Services, Leadership, and Community providing...Facilitation, Lateral Violence Training,  Program Development, and Train the Trainer Programs
  • Corporate Leaders and Teams…providing Reconciliation Presentations, Cultural Competency Training, and Team Building, Coaching, Empowerment & Development, Visioning
  • Educators…providing Neufeld Institute Courses, Professional Development, Contemplative Education Practices, Reconciliation and Cultural Competency Workshops


Our Programs Include:

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Denise will customize and deliver programs to meet your training needs. Workshops can be delivered within you organization or community or at an offsite location. We also offer online training. Some of the workshops offered are: 

  • Lateral Violence Training
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Personal Development and Empowerment
  • Leadership & Visioning
  • Reconciliation and Culture Competency
  • Change and Transformation
  • Values Explorations
  • Community Engagement
  • Team Building
  • The Power to Parent Series
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Supporting Kids with FASD and Other Complex Diagnoses
  • The Role of Attachment in Traditional Parenting
  • Philosophy

    At Kweykway we are dedicated to transformative education and endeavor to integrate both indigenous and western philosophies. This balanced approach honors traditional ways of knowing and being while utilizing scholarly research and evidence based practices validated by science. We are committed to developing programs and practices that include and promote place-based knowledge, personal and spiritual ecologies, first person ways of knowing, and relational and arts based practices.

    We draw on the research of indigenous scholars Dr. Gregory Cajete, Dr. Martin Brokenleg and others recognized in the field as leaders and educators. We integrate this knowledge with research in the fields of neurobiology and affective science, empathy development, transformational education, social and emotional learning theory, developmental attachment theory, process psychology, relationship research, organizational systems theory and current global bullying research.

    All of our workshops are available online and in person and can be customized to meet your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss (778) 772-0368 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    "Thanks again for coming to speak with us at UBC. Everyone absolutely LOVED your presentation. I heard from so many people as they were walking out of the theatre that they felt like “a light went on” in their heads. People were even talking about how the insights you shared may help them with difficulties in their relationships with family members!"

    Jennifer Fox
    University of British Columbia

    "I learned that at times, I could hide behind culture and tradition and of course this does not resolve or clarify a situation. I gained a keener understanding of lateral violence and realized that often when I made a comment such as Oh did you know that Jane Doe said this or repeated an unhealthy comment, that I was part of the lateral violence that exists today."

    Jackie Gonzales
       Squamish Nation

    "Thank you Denise for your sensitive leadership and participation in facilitating team cohesion and individual empowerment. You are an inspiration!  Much Appreciation." 

    Verna Oberg, Infant Development Facilitator, Ayas Men men

    "Denise is delight to work with - focused, effective, attuned and passionate. She works in powerful ways to to unleash the potentials and best selves of people, whether in a leadership and coaching context, or with an organization."

    Darcy Riddell, Social Innovation and Leadership Consultant, PhD Candidate in Social and Ecological Sustainability

    "Given the nature of and depths to which the conversations can go, the ability to hold the space for the dialogue is defining to the success of the session. Denise is able to do this with skill and grace, a great deal of patience, and an ability to naturally address hot spots and put voice to the issues that participants are sometimes unable." 

    Pam Schmidt